​​​Pipeline System ​More than 1500 km pipeline has been built from Heglig to Port Sudan. The produced crude oil is transported from the fields at Heglig to the Marine Terminal at Port Sudan. Two refineries are fed from this line (At El Obied and Khartoum) to meet the needs of domestic market for petroleum products.


GNPOC had constructed Sudan Crude Oil Transportation System (SCOTS), this project undergone in four phases, the 1st phase was commissioned in August 1999 to handle 150 kbopd with 1500 Km pipeline, 3 pump stations, 2 off-takes and a Marine Terminal. The project fully completed in Oct 2006 with additional 3 pump stations.

Based on Crude Oil Pipeline Agreement (COPA) signed with Sudan Ministry of Petroleum, GNPOC continued operating the SCOTS and using the pipeline in lifting its crude oil until August 2014.

The ownerships of the SCOT had 100 % transferred to the Government of Sudan in 1st  September 2014 where the Ministry of Petroleum had established new entity to operate the SCOTS.


  • 1504 km of NPS28 API 5LX65 externally coated pipeline.
  • Six-pump station c/w power generating facility potable water and camp,
  • 14 main block valve stations.
  • 2 Offtake block valve stations.
  • 2 telemeter block valve at river crossing.
  • 3 metering stations.